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Ten reasons to adopt a child

Posted by grannynanny
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on Thursday, 20 December 2012 in Adoption

If you have associated adoption with infertility, here are some unconventional reasons for adopting a young one.

Adoption is generally associated with couples unable to bear natural children. A couple unable to produce a child long after marriage is most often advised to contact an orphanage or a social institution for the bringing a readymade child home. But do you know that the view towards adoption is slowly changing worldwide. Interestingly, not all couples that adopt are infertile. Some of them do it simply because they love children, or they want to give additional company to their natural children or they want to serve the society through adoption. Let us take a look at some unconventional reasons for which people adopt children.


1. Genuine love for children

Although it may sound a bit unrealistic, there are many couples that adopt children due to their love for young ones. Their love for children is so compelling that they adopt children, irrespective of whether they have natural heirs or not. 

2. A couple with two or more children of the same sex 

If a couple already has two boys, they may crave for a girl child or vice versa. With no control over the sex of a natural child, they fear trying again. But they find it much safer to go ahead and adopt a readymade child of the opposite sex. Some couples adopt children out of their specific choice of sex/gender of the child. They may even adopt two children of both the sexes and complete the family thus.

3. A couple with only one child 

Sometimes the 'only' child is a very lonely child. However, a couple, especially the mother, may not have the energy to go through the entire process of pregnancy and childbirth to pander to the needs of this only-lonely child. It seems much simpler to adopt a second child and complete the family.  

4. A single person who wants to experience parenthood 

Miss Universe and film actress Sushmita Sen, is a single mother who adopted a child. As she puts it, - "this little girl needed a mom and I needed a child." It can be as simple and beautiful as that.  Not just celebrities, but also common people, who wish to remain single, adopt children, in order to experience the joys of parenthood.  

5. To control the population 

Some people genuinely believe that the world does not need any more children. They feel for the children who do not have families and home. Therefore, they decide to adopt children from this overpopulated world. What a noble thought! It is one of the most touching ways of serving the social cause.  

6. Thallasaemics 

Those suffering from thallasaemia or any other high-risk genetic problems or incurable diseases decide that it is safer to adopt a child than try for one.  

7. For the joy without the labour

You may have heard of this joke that adoption in a healthy couple is the height of laziness. If a couple can produce a child, then it is pointless to adopt, many feel. But on a more serious note, some women are genuinely scared of labour pains and the process of pregnancy. Or some women do not want to lose their figures after child birth. They adopt children and experience the joy of parenthood without the pain.  

8. People invested in their careers 

Some couples do not have the time, energy or the inclination to go through the process of childbirth. They find more convenient to go in for adoption. In some cases, the biological clock of career-oriented women may run out, and they may be compelled to adopt. 

9. To help out a friend or a relative 

There can be a specific reason behind adoption. For example, a couple wanted to help out a friend who had fallen on bad days. Therefore, they decided to adopt his son. Sometimes, some couples are blessed with twins. They do not know how to handle two infants at a time. And then comes a childless couple who wants to adopt one of the twins.  

10. Adopting an older child 

Some couples may not want to go through the grind of late nights and nappy changes. Therefore, they decide to adopt an older child. In this manner, they are saved from the physical stress and mental strain of raising an infant.


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